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Welcome to Finishing Touch Art, the exclusive online studio of decorative artwork for purchase created by the artist Merv Kivov.

We know that there are many people out there that appreciate fine art…but not that price tag with which it typically comes.  Especially in this time and economic climate, artwork is considered by many to be a luxury, and a luxury that simply does not fit into the budget.  Yet we all would like to decorate the walls of the important spaces in our lives – whether it be our homes, offices, restaurants, or whatever – with quality art that shows good taste.  For most this represents a conundrum that prevents them from buying artwork (hey, we fall into this category too!)  But we believe that the two interests of decorating your space with high quality artwork and adhering to a non-millionaire’s budget do not need to be mutually exclusive!  In fact, the driving concept behind Finishing Touch Art is to do exactly this: bring together these two interests, and deliver to you high quality decorative art at affordable prices.  In other words, we would like to think that we have created “the online art studio for people of great taste, not of great wealth”.

With that in mind, we have created this online studio with Merv’s decorative art available for purchase.  All items for purchase are high quality digital reproductions of original works by Merv, painted, drawn, or photographed throughout his life and spanning his nearly 60-year career as an artist.  We have created two distinct studio’s for Merv’s work: the Painting Studio, which displays reprints of selected original paintings by Merv, and the Photo Studio, which contains reprints of some of Merv’s favorite of his many photographs.  We have endeavored to put together a collection of artwork that provides a representation of Merv’s unique style and eye…and not the same old ideas and pieces you see every time you walk through the art section at a chain home furnishings store.

Click here if you want to know more about Merv Kivov and what has inspired his work.

Like the style and the work, but don’t quite see something that is right for you at the moment? Check back with us soon…we plan to rotate and update the Photo Studio frequently, as Merv has a whole lifetime of pictures to go through, and only so many we can get ready and on the site at one time! Additionally, should you be interested in the original artwork, or even custom orders of original art, Merv would be happy to discuss this with you.